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If Ofsted arrives tomorrow, could you provide the necessary key statistics concerning work experience?

The ability to quickly and easily access risk assessments, student letters, placement information, certificates and job books would help the Ofsted inspection run smoothly. If the arranged placements are proven to be purposeful, high-quality and relevant – there’s another giant tick in the box.

The Government has issued a helpful ‘questions to ask’ form[1] regarding organising work experience, including questions such as; ‘Who will be responsible for work experience in your college and across your curriculum areas?’, ‘Do you need to recruit additional staff?’, ‘Do all staff know who is responsible for arranging work experience placements and who they should contact for information?’ and ‘What support systems, e.g. ICT and administration, will you need in order to identify, allocate, monitor and evaluate work experience placements?’.

Now, if these questions can be answered confidently then that is brilliant news… if not, then maybe something needs to be put into place.

The Government has also stated, that each placement should be well thought out and take into consideration the student’s skills and future job prospects. As well as this, the school or college needs to ensure constructive feedback is given to both student and employer (to improve the quality of future placements).

If a school or college is currently using insufficient software, it can lead to a waste of time and money for the school or college and create an unsatisfactory work experience for the student. This is a great shame, as a work experience placement could change a student’s life – by providing new information on different careers available to them, a chance to make connections, prove themselves and show their skillset to a potential future employer. It can also help instil the attitudes and behaviours expected at in a work place.

Our research shows that 1 in 3 schools and colleges require additional support from their current provider and 75% feel that work experience delivery is too time consuming and paper heavy.

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We conducted a survey, which highlighted the issues that schools and colleges are facing with their current work experience programme. One issue raised was that they are finding it difficult to identify meaningful placements for certain industries (including science and plumbing), as well as finding suitable and meaningful placements for EHCP learners. Another issue was how much time staff spent on chasing paperwork from students, companies and external health and safety companies. One school noted that up to 500 staff hours are spent per year in relation to the running and administration of their current work experience programme.

Recently conducted research by Changing Education revealed that over 60% of schools and colleges are concerned that their current work experience software isn’t supporting them sufficiently to gain a good Ofsted report. Changing Education is confident that if Ofsted arrived tomorrow, any school or college using CONNECT would be able to provide their key work experience statistics and figures within a matter of minutes through the CONNECT software. CONNECT is the simple software solution, powered by Changing Education, that helps you to manage work experience more efficiently, ensuring the best outcome for every student.

The migration process is simple. With a click of a button you will be able to upload existing data and utilise the CONNECT software, therefore making all your information easily accessible in time for your upcoming Ofsted visit.

CONNECT offers:connect work experience

  • An easy to use market leading platform
  • Time saving efficiency and organisation
  • A paperless system with instant access to job books and risk assessments
  • Electronic certificates and appraisals to help record achievement
  • Good value for money
  • Instant access to risk assessments, student letters, placement information, certificates and job books
  • Large database of employers
  • A straight-forward migration process

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[1] Department for Education,, 12/04/2017,