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Connect software allows your organisation to quickly create HSE approved risk assessment templates within minutes. Do you need bespoke support? We are here to help!


We help

We help complete and house over 30,000 risk assessments each academic year for a wide variety of placement types, such as WEX, Traineeship and T-Level placements.

We provide

We provide customers with the autonomy to create and edit their own risk assessment templates, which are automatically sent out to employers once a student has been placed with them on our system. CONNECT allows users to create risk assessments for individual employer categories to ensure that the risk assessment is always relevant to that sector. Our clever system keeps staff constantly updated regarding outstanding Risk Assessment figures.


risk assessments have been completed by CONNECT during this academic year

Need a helping hand with risk assessments?

If you would like us to complete risk assessments with placement providers please get in touch for a quote. We have qualified NEEBOSH staff trained in health and safety who can complete the task for you.

What do our clients think about that?

"The team at Connecting Education have supported us for nearly 5 years at the college with our Risk Assessments. The team have supported us with over 4,500 risk assessments over this time. The benefits to commissioning this activity is that there are trained staff supporting employers and also ensures that no students go on a work placement without a suitability check (Employers Liability insurance check) and in line with HSE guidance. Thank you very much once again for saving time, effort and resource - this means we can concentrate on employer engagement and quality improvement!"

Andrew Snape, Newcastle and Stafford College

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