We are all responsible for students’ welfare when they are participating in work experience. To ensure everyone is covered if an accident was to happen, you must carry out a full risk assessment.

The risk assessment is not just there to protect the student whilst on placement but to safeguard and fully inform the employer about the students’ needs and requirements. Also schools should only allow students to attend a speciality environment if the student has a genuine interest in the placement.

Here are our top ten tips to make sure you don’t get caught out:

  1. Every school is responsible for ensuring the student is safe on work experience and the correct risk management procedures have been followed.
  1. By law, the employer should receive a copy of the risk assessment prior to a placement commencing.
  1. Employers must have a full understanding of the student’s health, social and educational status, to ensure all tasks are relevant and achievable for the student placed with them.
  1. A pre-placement interview must take place to determine if the student is ready to take part in work experience and to assess if the placement is right for them.
  1. The employer should be made fully aware of what the student is looking to achieve during their time in the workplace. The student’s targets will be focused around core skills such as maths and English, as wells as, interpersonal and general employability skills.
  1. All students should visit the employer prior to commencing the placement.
  1. The student must be visited by a member of staff from the school whilst on placement. The student’s progress must then be recorded and logged efficiently along with any feedback from the employer ready for Ofsted inspection.
  1. Work placement must be meaningful and the student should learn vital skills that they can use in a future workplace.
  1. The work experience programme should be part of the wider careers model, rather than a one-off event.
  1. Work experience should be a positive experience for both the student and the employer.

Making sure you’re covered
Changing Education is an expert work experience partner that has a full understanding of the necessary steps that need to be taken when placing students on work experience programmes, including Ofsted requirements, putting risk assessments in place and following health and safety procedures.

CONNECT – the simple solution to work experience management
Changing Education also offers CONNECT, a simple software solution that helps you to manage work experience more efficiently including work placements, risk assessments, management and tracking and careers advice and guidance.

Placing work experience in safe hands
Established since 2008, everyone in the Changing Education team is from an educational background and has a wide knowledge base of all the requirements associated with work experience.

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